About Us

Core Values

Pride, Performance, conservation - At Gary BenDavid Builders we take pride in our work, building relationships with clients, performing excellent customer service, and offering competitive prices, while still providing a superior end product is our goal.

Company overview

Over the past 18 years Gary BenDavid Builders, Inc. has been satisfying clients on many levels of construction from custom built homes, renovation projects to kitchens and baths. Gary BenDavid realized early on that a satisfied client is a longtime friend. Our company works directly with a number of well-known architects and designers. No matter what the design or project Gary BenDavid Builders has a team in place for all your needs. Our own in house custom shop allows us to produce custom millwork & cabinetry and pass savings on to the clients. Each client has the ability to follow progress and view project updates via our online private client database. Our highly qualified team of professionals are committed to honesty and integrity. This is the foundation for our approach to solving client's needs.

About owner

A Commitment to Excellence Gary BenDavid asked this question when trying to establish a meaningful commentary about his company "Gary BenDavid Builders". He realized that his entire life has been a "Commitment to Excellence". When trying to define the mission statement for Gary BenDavid Builders he looked back on his career and he knew that in all his endeavors he was driven to do things the only way he knew, the best way, or not at all. Gary had one focus …to satisfy the client; then and only then would he be satisfied. Gary flew for Delta Express and as a pilot he had to be at his best all the time. No short cuts could be taken. He now pilots his own private plane and flies "Angel Flights" throughout New England transporting homebound patients that cannot afford their own transportation to hospitals for treatment, and he does so voluntarily. Again his "Commitment to Excellence" attitude is foremost in his desire to help those in need as he literally takes their lives in his hands. In all aspects of his life, his family, his golfing (a scratch golfer), his competitive archery and skeet shooting and his hunting prowess he commits himself to be the best. He takes no shortcuts. What this translates to is his work ethic in carrying out the details of building a home. There are no shortcuts to be taken. Every detail no matter how small or insignificant is treated with the utmost diligence to bring to the homeowner the most perfect end product. His list of satisfied customers acclaims his professionalism, his honesty, his integrity and above all his "Commitment to Excellence". Gary BenDavid Builders is synonymous to "A Commitment to Excellence" it can be nothing less! Perfection is what makes Gary BenDavid one of the premiere builders on Martha's Vineyard.